Teen Connection

From this week's Sentinel
By Dana Cadey
Things didn't go well on her precalculus test, and her teacher's unkind remarks only made this teen feel worse. But as it turned out, overcoming her resentment—through prayer—was the key to success. Read...
From this week's Sentinel
By Courtlyn Reekstin
When she was accepted into a performing arts program, this college student suddenly felt afraid and wondered if she would ever measure up. Understanding the real, spiritual source of her talent erased the fear—and so much more. Read...
Your Healings
By Aiden Snorek-Yates
As he raced up the mountain, this teen was focused on one thing: the peak. But when an accident happened, his focus shifted to God--and healing resulted. Read...
By Katie Wood
She always found performances nerve-wracking. So when a big concert rolled around, she knew this was an opportunity for a healing. Read...

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Meet Hilary. She was diagnosed with M.E. disease (chronic fatigue syndrome) and couldn't find a medical solution. She later accepted a Christian Science practitioner's offer to pray for her, and within months she recovered fully.  

Meet Dyan. When she was younger, she had a medically-diagnosed astigmatism and started wearing glasses. She also prayed about the vision problem and eventually there was no more defect.  

Meet Heather. She was quickly healed of depression when she started to recognize a different view of her own worth, that a Christian Scientist shared with her.  

Meet Judy. She’d made an appointment with a doctor to remove a growth from her eyelid. But she was also praying as she had learned through Christian Science. Before it came time for the surgery, the growth had completely disappeared.  


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